Case Study

Fortune 500s & the Circular Economy 


Our clients were global fortune 500s – (one technology, one telecoms and one food) who needed to embed circular economy thinking into their businesses.


The circular economy is not an individual event but a team sport. It requires companies, suppliers and customers of all shapes and sizes to come together to reimagine value chains, market place proposition and the life cycles of materials and products. Large enterprises have the greatest opportunity to create real momentum and change across the value chain.

The engagement included research, workshops, training, development of tools  and creation of corporate circular economy strategies. These were bespoke to the client but built on the key fundamental principles of the circular economy. Different groups across the business were engaged to build awareness and impact.


As each client had specific needs, they have all adopted different aspects of the circular economy. The key outcome is that are all evolving new market place propositions, changing their brand communications, having new conversations with customers, and building a compelling circular economy story.  These engagements are ongoing.


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