What it is?

Carbon footprinting is the starting point of a company’s journey to reducing their impact on global warming. A carbon footprint benchmark is established that gives detailed CO2 impacts from all the energies, resources and materials used in the business. Specific datasets are collected and organized in clear templates to establish this benchmark. The organisation is trained to understand the types of data to be collected, and the CO2 impacts associated with the various energies, resources and materials that are measured. It enables companies to understand the global warming impacts of their operations, identify environmental hotspots and to take action to reduce these impacts.

Learning Outcomes

  • Climate Change and the business impact
  • Organisational and product environmental footprinting principles
  • Setting boundaries and scopes, organising and interpreting the data
  • Data collection to measure the CO2 footprint
  • CO2 impacts of energies, resources and materials used
  • Carbon reporting requirements
  • Company, process and product levels annual carbon footprint reports preparation.

Who would benefit most from attending?

Sustainability Teams | Facilities and Operational Teams | Logistics Teams | Financial Controllers

There are 3 levels available

Base | Applied | Hero

To view the full course details please download the pdf below


A 1 day general foundation course on the basics to get you started.


A 2 day course held over 3 weeks with customised applied examples building on the core foundations.


A 5 day advanced course over 4-6 weeks that allows you to implement the learnings into your business  [available directly to individual organisations and highly focused to their business.


Each of the three levels include a mix of purposefully designed and delivered leadership workshops, pre-reads and activities, sector specific insights, strategy and roadmap development.

More advanced bespoke designed levels may include topline materiality, SDGs alignment, corporate ESG reporting support, policy development, peer review and insights, stakeholder engagement and planning, and sustainability proposition development. 


SUSTHUB offer a variety of specific related Masterclasses to clients. These are highly interactive and informative sessions where we share best and next practices in key ‘sustainability’ related topics. These classes are highly relevant to senior leaders and those responsible for sustainability in organisations. They are delivered by key practitioners who will share their knowledge and insights garnered from significant years of business application and experience. Classes are delivered directly at client sites, in public sessions and/or online. These are 2-3h in duration.

A list of available Masterclasses can be seen here


If you would like to know more about our courses, are challenged by the sustainability needs of your business  - contact us here:

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